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Family Planning and Infertility

Building a family should be a beautiful, natural process….but 6.1 million women under the age of 44 in the U.S. have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. (CDC).


I know and understand the heartache, longing, and enormous level of anxiety you are constantly experiencing on this roller coaster ride called “infertility.”

Infertility can feel very alone

You are probably living your life around the days in a “cycle” and having well-meaning friends and family members advise you to just “relax.” Motherhood is a very strong source of a woman’s identity. Unfortunately, infertility is not readily understood or talked about in our society, so we often shy away from telling others what we are experiencing. This may contribute to feeling very different or defective from other women. When pregnancy doesn’t come easily, one can feel ashamed. Anger and despair may arise when everywhere you turn, you see another pregnant woman. As you are walking this difficult, emotionally & physically challenging journey to build a family, you may react by keeping the process a “secret,” withdrawing socially and thus feeling more alone. No matter how the advances in medical treatment and technology can “assist” you in realizing your quest to have a baby…Mother Nature can be stubborn. And we aren’t always prepared for how much emotional support we really need to persevere.

Sharing your journey

Sometimes women feel confused or uncertain about which course of action is right for them and need a non-biased, compassionate place to sort those treatment options and the accompanying emotions out. I will help you vent your frustration with the medical process and professionals, cope with your strong emotions, find alternative ways to manage your anxiety, encourage greater self-care, and teach you how to be your own “BEST” advocate to maximize your chance for success. Your partner may also be struggling with complex emotions and not fully appreciate the toll it is taking on you and not know the best way to remain a safe, supportive presence. Partners must process their own dreams of parenthood. It is also vital that you continually focus on and nurture your relationship and not lose sight that you are in this together. I stand ready to support you to “fight a good fight.”

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