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Your Relationship is an Investment

We start out in love and with the best of intentions, but few of us get good relationship education. Our society focuses more on getting to commitment than on how to keep that commitment alive day after day. The prime time to learn what it takes to build a lasting relationship is early in your commitment. The sooner you learn what it takes to redirect negative patterns, the less likely they will become entrenched and destructive.


If couples allocated a fraction of the time spent planning their wedding to learning good relationship skills, more relationships would succeed and thrive. I urge you to think of making a small investment now, to reap rewards in the future.  In this relationship/marriage prep course, you will discover how to build a relationship that lasts and create the future you want for you (and your future family?).

  • This 3-hour course is a practical road map of relationship skills, tools, and insights that lay a solid foundation to build your committed relationship or marriage upon.

  • The pre-assessment questionnaire allows you time to reflect on what you most need from this opportunity and allows your therapist time to reflect on how best to support each of you personally, as well as your unique relationship.

  • It will help you to understand the underlying causes of relationship distress and how to avoid these pitfalls.

  • The course flows with interactive opportunities for you to connect.

  • It encourages you to discuss 13 key areas of relationships, some that you may not have considered before and guides you through any difficult discussions.

  • Differences are part and parcel of any healthy relationship, learn the skills it takes to navigate, manage, and celebrate your unique differences.

  • Discuss your individual goals and goals you have together. Explore ways to make room for both and how best to support each other’s personal development and desires.

  • Naturally, the quality of childhood experiences affects couples’ relationships. Decide how you and your partner will incorporate the positive characteristics from your families of origin and leave behind the negative ones.


Here is a preview of what’s included!

5 tips for creating a relationship that is built to last.

Good relationships are a balance


View yourselves as a team


Understand that love is not an absolute


Know your desires and speak up for them clearly


Agree on a joint financial strategy with your partner


Certified by Mayo Couples Counselling Services - Cate Heffernan

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