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10 ways to de-stress

Get Near Water – In Wallace J. Nichols’ book Blue Mind, he reveals new research that illuminates water’s effect on our bodies, minds, and souls. Getting in, under, near or on the ocean, stream, pond, lake, waterfall, or swimming pool can improve performance, diminish anxiety, amplify creativity, and improve our overall well-being!

Pamper yourself – take a nap, massage, manicure, eat a favorite food, visit the hair salon, sit in silence, read a book!

Listen to your favorite music – sing along or dance wildly to it OR play something that reminds you of a happy, peaceful time.

Laugh – movies, books, podcast, TV (limit social media).

Experience or learn something new – learn to play an instrument, a foreign language, go to a museum, zoo, or different part of town, read about some place you’d like to visit.

Socialize – call a friend, but make sure it’s a no drama, supportive, happy, calm person.

Exercise for 30 minutes (or longer) -Walk, jog, yoga, surf, ride a bike or hit a ball (tennis, golf, basketball), martial arts…

Observe Nature – feel the wind blow, watch the waves break, or a hummingbird bath in the sprinkler, smell fresh air, hear birds chirp, look at the sky, stargaze…

Be creative – paint, sew, knit, crochet, build or refinish something, decorate a room, make a scrapbook, photography, cook or bake, plant a small garden of flowers or vegetables.

Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude- pay attention to the small things in life that you are thankful for. Remember, what we focus on can either bring more stress or more serenity!

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